Explore 2000’s 2nd Year Phoenix Gunther Interns at Izod

Before I started my internship at Izod, I was only given a vague idea of what I would do. I wasn’t sure of what I would work on and what environment I would be in, but I was excited. For a long time, fashion has been a big part of my life, and my time at Izod was my first professional experience. I spent my time there shadowing my dad’s girlfriend, design director Sarah Lee.

During my internship, I participated in many tasks. For example, I learned record-keeping skills when I cut and filed fabric samples for fall 2015 to spring 2016. I arranged portfolios of different collections, where I learned organization skills. I opened and hung sales samples for spring 2016 fashion market (where Izod presents designs and samples to buyers such as Kohl’s and JC Penney). I also attended several meetings, including a weekly production design assistant meeting with the director of merchandising, where I learned how to sleep with my eyes open.
However, my experience was not just work; I was able to eat snacks, take breaks, and even go out for lunch, instead of me bringing something from home. I would often talk with the people I was working with, and they were very friendly. Therefore, the time I spent there was much more enjoyable.

One of the important things about the experience was that I felt like what I did actually played a part in helping organize a lot of the work that was already done. The work I participated in helped keep work that was done for later seasons in order, as well as make it easier to come back to in the future. I did work for the design team for men’s bottoms (where my father’s girlfriend was head), and was mostly given work from the product development assistant Ann Santos. One of the perks of my internship was that I was able to express myself, and wear what I wanted to, and in the long run what I thought was fashionable. However, because I was working at a fashion company, I felt the need to dress in a professional matter, which wound up giving me a certain confidence.

When I look back on the experience, I can say that it was a great opportunity, and that I learned a lot in the three days that I was there. Not only did it teach me valuable skills that I will need to pursue a career in fashion, but it taught me that if I’m doing something related to what I love, I can have a good time. When I first entered the building, I was a bit anxious about what I would be doing, but I wound up having a great time. I enjoyed working there so much that I have decided to go again during spring break, and learn a little more.

Phoenix Gunther

Explore 2000 Wins 2nd Place in the Teen Summit’s Film Festival

Through the 4-H Climate & Environmental Change Teen Summit (grades 8-12), students of Explore 2000 Middle School were invited to work with Rutgers University scientists to learn about climate change science.  Our 8th Graders were then challenged to develop a community service project that applied this new knowledge. Guided by Lauren Norcia and John Ponticorvo, our students met with local environmentalists, college professors, and elected officials of Hudson County to create an informative video highlighting climate change as a major threat to our planet and our lives.

Their video, entitled #StopTheRise, won 2nd Place in the Teen Summit’s Film Festival!  They were the only middle school to place! Please click the link below to watch our film. We hope you enjoy.

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Explore 2000 Middle School Students Prepare for Earth Day Celebration

For the past couple of weeks, my peers and I  have been working on constructing a vessel made of recyclable materials.
Our facilitators Mr. Colaluca, Mr. Ponticorvo and Ms. Norcia have been guiding us through this exciting, detailed process.
At least 80% of our vessel had to be made out of used/recycled materials. Our building materials could make up no more than 20%.
We were engineers in planning the floatable layout; artists- as we thought of creative designs and most importantly, a TEAM- as we worked successfully together.

This Saturday, April 25th we plan to race our creation at the Hackensack Riverkeeper’s Second Annual REYCLED REGATTA in Overpeck County Park during Earthfest.
If you are interested in supporting our construction or wish to cheer us on, call the Explore 2000 Office 201-631-6396.

Come back to our website sometime next week to see how well our team does!!
J. Santiago, Frist Year Student
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Chinatown Annual Indoor Paddling Regatta

On Saturday, March 21, 2015 Explore 2000 headed to Chinatown, NYC to participate in the 15th Annual Indoor Paddling Regatta. Students and facilitators both competed in the individual 250 meter races and the group relay 250 meter races against each other and other middle schools. The energy and support in the room was indescribable and all participants were overjoyed to have shared the experience together. This field experience was one component of a fitness and team building activity that is sponsored by the HCST Foundation. Because of their commitment and enthusiasm, the students have been invited to paddle in a real dragon boat in the spring of 2015.