Explore 2000 Student Showcase

Friendly Reminder:
Our Student Showcase is on Tuesday, March 22
from 9:0010:30 AM.
Join our Gods and Goddesses for a ‘Fashionably Late Runway Show’, take a tour through ancient lands,
and discover how the engineering advancements of these civilizations are still present in our modern times.

The Explore 2000 Sewing Project

February 2016, students from County Prep High School’s Fashion Design Class shared a special project with the students of Explore 2000 Middle School for their Family Career Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) Competition Focus on Children lesson.  Five dedicated individuals worked as a seamless team (no pun intended) to facilitate our 8th Grade Class with a “sewing project”.

Two high school Seniors, Mauli Maniar and Christine Jimenen, took the lead with the project; actively joined by Sophomores Lissette Hernandez, Jalzary Gutierrez and Leslie Santana.  The teacher team situated the students in a circular meeting style, each on a task table. With their well-developed plan, the teacher team explained their project, reviewed the materials then distributed them.  They taught the students how to sew and provided hands-on assistance and visual explanations throughout the project time.

We wish all of the students good luck on this competition.

Two of our student reviews:

The County Prep Fashion Design team did an excellent job of directing the 8th Grade students of Explore 2000. I thought that teaching kids how to sew was a great idea. I know how to hand sew already, so I was the first one done. If you finished early you got to add a button. You had a choice between a red heart and a brown football. You also have a chance to write on your heart or football. I hope the team comes back so we can make more stuff. –A. Ponce, 8th Grade

We had a few obstacles here and there, but they were always able to help us to come to a conclusion. My favorite part was when we finally finished making our footballs so that we could stuff it. It helps to learn the basics so I can at least sew a button when I need to. Sewing was time consuming, but it was actually fun at the same time. I learned that it also requires a lot of patience in order to get the best outcome. –C.Casavecchia, 8th Grade

I look forward to future collaborations with this team of teachers. They provided a unique learning opportunity for our students. We wish them much success with their FCCLA Competition.

Explore 2000 Middle School Alumna

Ivy Jane Dimaculangan is a proud alumni of HCST’s County Prep. In 2015, her senior year at County Prep High School, Ivy Jane interned for Explore 2000. While working for Explore 2000, she worked closely with the staff and faculty, getting to know the Explore 2000 family on a more personal level. She didn’t realize that by taking the internship, she would form friendships worth a lifetime.
Ivy Jane, 18 years old, is a freshman at Montclair State University, majoring in Linguistics with a minor in Speech Language Pathology/ Audiology. She dreams of becoming an Audiologist, looking forward to treating patients who have hearing and auditory disorders.

These days, Ivy Jane volunteers with her community’s Philippine Nurses Association as they host their monthly Free Health Screenings, providing screenings for blood pressure and glucose levels all paid for by the PNA. In addition, she has decided to be more active on campus by applying to be a Peer Advisor at Montclair State University for the Fall 2016/ Spring 2017 school year.

Ivy Jane is incredibly grateful to Ms. Lin-Rodriguez and the Explore 2000 family; without whom, she would not be as successful as she is today.

Explore 2000 Middle School Celebrates Black History Month

On February 12, 2016 Black History Month came to life at Explore 2000 Middle School. A buffet breakfast was set out for the visitors who seemed to enjoy it very much. Included were eggs, bacon. sausage, grits, fried chicken and more. Following the meal there was a video presentation of Black history in America.

A live presentation for all of the students, staff and guests followed. Many students wore red carnations to show that they were volunteers available to guide and assist the guests. Ms. Michele Jefferey, event coordinater began the assembly with a short talk, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance led by Ruquiya Sabry and Alifa Amin. Lauralie Mufute sang the Star Spangled Banner.

Guests included Tony Goodson, Commander of VFW Post #2294 in Jersey City, Glen Flora, Commander of VFW Post #226 in Bayonne, Ms Lenora Brown, Ms Florence Holmes, Ms Pearl Jones, Ms Aleta Carter and Ms Pamela Gardner, County Clerk.

The Zuwati African Dancers demonstrated dances and costumes to the audience. They brought volunteers to the front of the room for a very exuberant dance lesson accompanied by a response sing along.
(After their own performances, they brought volunteers to the front of the room for a very exuberant dance lesson accompanied by a response sing along.)
Lauralie Mufute returned to sing a breathtaking version of “At Last” which truly honored singer Etta James. A game of Name That Sitcom entertained everyone. A description of a sitcom about African American characters was given by Luciano Dinguis and Jaheem Ellison and answers came from the panel of guests: Charles Matthews, Donald Brown, William Statham, Sullivan Johnson, Irving Peoples, and Kevin Williamson, the Director of the Jersey City Recreation Department. Prizes were awarded.
The day’s celebration concluded with a wonderful performance by Jersey City’s own Soul Generation, featuring Mr. Cliff Perkins and Cheryl Statham, soloist.
Other students who served as volunteers are: Laila Downing, Jianna Rodriguez, Madison Ragland, Zaynab Shaikh, Amanda Zweifler, Sarah Masoud, Faith Johnson, Yazan Baghdady, Marcus Reichart, Brianne Brown, Joanne Joshua, Amy Le, and Arianna Rodriguez.

Explore 2000 Team Takes the Gold at the Hudson County Science Fair!

The results of the 58th Hudson County Science Fair are in and the Explore 2000 Middle School’s second year team of Alexander Vogiatzis, Andrew Kibalo and George Vogiatzis has been awarded a gold medal for its project on smoking and the effects on the human body.

On February 29, The Liberty Science Center played host to hundreds of Hudson County students competing for awards in the Jersey City medical Center/Barnabas Health STEM Showcase. Sponsors included Liberty Science Center, New Jersey City University, Fidelity Investments and Comcast. Winners of the elementary and middle school category will receive award at a ceremony on April 5 at the New Jersey City University.
Finalists will be selected to move on to the Broadcom Masters competition in Washington D.C. in October.
Alexander Vogiatzis, Andrew Kibalo, George Vogiatzis consider their win as the high point of their time at Explore 2000 Middle School. They intend to continue working on science projects.